"The essence of perfection is to embrace the will of God in all things, prosperous or adverse. In prosperity, even sinners find it easy to unite themselves to the divine will; but it takes saints to unite themselves to God's will when things go wrong and are painful to self-love. Our conduct in such instances is the measure of our love of God."

St Alphonsus de Liguori

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"As the flesh is nourished by food, so is man supported by prayers"

St Augustine

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"It is better to be burdened and in company with the strong than to be unburdened and with the weak. When you are burdened you are close to God, your strength, who abides with the afflicted. When you are relieved of the burden you are close to yourself, your own weakness; for virtue and strength of soul grow and are confirmed in the trials of patience."

St John of the Cross, OCD - Doctor of the Church

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re Article 6 of Apostle's Creed


What is the sixth article of the Creed?


The sixth article of the Creed is, 'he ascended into heaven; is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty'.

69. What do you mean by the words, 'he ascended into heaven'?


By the words, 'he ascended into heaven', I mean that our Saviour went up Body and Soul into heaven on Ascension Day, forty days after his resurrection.

  70. What do you mean by the words, 'is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty'?

By the words, 'is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.' I do not mean that God the Father has hands, for he is a spirit; but I mean that Christ, as God, is equal to the Father and, as man, is in the highest place in heaven.