"What good does it do to speak learnedly about the Trinity if, lacking humility, you displease the Trinity? Indeed it is not learning that makes a man holy and just, but a virtuous life makes him pleasing to God. "

Thomas á Kempis

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"Whoever wants to stand alone without the support of a master and guide will be like the tree that stands alone in a field without a proprietor. No matter how much the tree bears, passers-by will pick the fruit before it ripens. "

St John of the Cross, OCD - Doctor of the Church

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"A man should keep himself down, and not busy himself in mirabilibus super se."

St Philip Neri

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Blessed Henry Suso (1295 - 1366) Dominican and German mystic




by Blessed Henry Suso


On Wednesday, or at Sext

Tender Lord!

1. At that hour Thou wast forsaken for my sake of all men;

2. Thy friends had renounced Thee;

3. Thou stoodst naked and robbed of all honour and raiment;

4. Thy power then seemed overcome;

5. They treated Thee without mercy, and Thou didst bear it all in meekness and silence;

6. Alas, for Thy gentle heart, Thou who alone didst know at that time the depth of Thy Mother's sorrow of heart;

7. And didst see her deplorable state;

8. And didst hear her lamentable words;

9. And at Thy mortal separation didst commend her to the filial piety of Thy disciple;

10. And the disciple to her maternal love.

Oh therefore, Thou pattern of all virtues, take away from me all pernicious love of men, and all inordinate affection of friends; strip me of all impatience; give me steadfastness against all evil spirits, and meekness against all violent men. Give me, gentle Lord, Thy bitter death in the bottom of my heart, in my prayers, and in the practice of good works. O tender Lord, I commend myself this day to the true fidelity and care of Thy pure Mother and Thy beloved disciple.

[Here say a Salve Regina or an Ave Maria.]

O pure and tender Mother, I shall remind thee today of the infinite sorrow of heart which thou didst endure.--

1. At the first aspect of thy dear Child when thou didst see Him suspended in agony;

2. Thou couldst not then come to Hiss assistance;

3. Thou didst gaze in anguish of heart at thy beloved Son expiring before thine eyes;

4. Thou didst lament over Him with great lamentation;

5. And He comforted thee very kindly;

6. His divine words pierced thy heart;

7. Thy lamentable gestures softened the hard hearts of the Jews;

8. Thy maternal arms and hands were most reverentially lifted up;

9. But thy sick body sank exhausted on the ground;

10. Where thy tender mouth did affectionately kiss His fallen blood.

Oh, then Mother of all graces, watch over me like a mother for my whole life, and graciously shield me in the hour of my death. O gentle Lady! behold, that is the hour for the sake of which I desire to be thy servant all my days. That is the dreadful hour which frightens my heart and soul, for then there will be an end to prayer and supplication. Then shall I, poor wretch, not know to whom to turn.

Therefore, thou unfathomable abyss of divine compassion, I fall at thy feet this day with the fervent sighs of my heart, that I may then be found worthy of thy joyous presence. How should he ever despond, or what can injure him whom here, O purest Mother, thou dost protect? Ah, thou only consolation, defend me against the terrible looks of the wicked spirits, lend me aid and protection against the hands of the enemy! Hearken consolingly to my wretched sighs, look kindly with the eyes of thy compassion on my ghastly and enfeebled frame. Reach me thy beneficent hands. Receive my poor soul. With thy radiant countenance present it before the severe Judge, and install it in everlasting bliss!